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       Legends tell of two gods that graced the world of Mobius with their gifts billions of years ago. One was Aether, the god of light and the sky and the other was Tartarus, god of darkness and the underworld. These two gods were once partners in creating the Elemental Beasts that were the embodiment of the elements of the world. However, when they created creatures of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, Electric, Light, Dark, and Nature, a huge war of resentment broke out and chaos spread across the land. The gods tried to stop their creations but weren't able to.

       Frustrated, they decided to create their own solutions to the problem. Tartarus created the Necroborne to kill the other creatures and end the war, but it proved pointless since they still fought even as spirits and the chaos continued. When it was Aether's turn, Tartarus scoffed at him thinking that he couldn't do better; alas, he was about to be proven wrong. As it turns out, Aether's creation was not only able to stop the feud but it brought harmony to the world. That creation was the Alicorn of Heart.

       Tartarus grew envious of Aether's fortune. How was it possible that this dainty creature stopped the fighting when stripping the beasts of their physical bodies did not? Tartarus ordered his Nercroborne to kill the Horned Pegasus and it did so, but it didn't stop the Beast of Heart. That heinous act was repaid in full by the other Beasts and the Nercobone was a spirit too. With their physical bodies gone, the Spirits started to disperse, and Aether didn't want to let their creations go, so he made them shells: the gems and seals. Even after what the Nercroborne did, he saved the Beast of Death. Thus, the Life Stones were made.

       Tartarus broke the partnership and became Aether's enemy. Aether and Tartarus fought for years and the weaker Aether was about to lose, but then he used the last of his life energy to seal Tartarus in the underworld. However, the victory was not permanent, as the planets would aid in his escape.
                                                                                  - Vellum the Owl,
                                                                                         Royal Scribe of King Follum
This is the widely known version of the legend of how the Life Stones came to be, written by Vellum the Owl using information gathered from the Guardians of the Stones at the time. This version was written thousands of years ago when the usurper for the crown was using a corrupted Life Stone called the Death Stone was terrorizing the kingdom of Great Dovalus...

Concept - *GuardianMobius and *KairaAethericBeast

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January 6, 2013
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